George doesn't disappoint

hey my name is seventeen im isabella years old i like bands and i enjoy long romantic walks to my fridge

u should follow me at tavrosmpreg (mostly homestuck yeah)

fall out boy > you

spencer(s) completely naked with a snorkel on

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i looked out my window to see which annoying neighbor has decided to mow their lawn at 8pm

it’s my dad

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accidentally sprayed some of beyonce’s perfume in my mouth and it tasted fierce and fabulous just like her

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there is a white teacher at my school and her first name is raquisha

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The Sylph of Light & The Thief of Life

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have you ever gotten to a point in a text conversation where suddENLY EVERYTHING IS CAPSLOCK AND YOU’RE BOTH JUST SCREAMING AT EACH OTHER FOR NO REASON

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imagine i had a son

imagine i had sex

imagine a boy liked me

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